Problem Stacking
           Problem Stacking         


eryck Poems
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Problem stacking

Problem Stacking

I believe it was me wishing to ignore, all my problems so in tradition, stacked them on the floor. Alas, it became a mass of trash, a mess, instead of more to be less, my problems became too big to address.

A leaning tower of doubts and worries, beginning to count and mount in a hurry. Won't want for the lacking, how high can you go when problem stacking? Everyone funny on a sunny day, me tucked away like hidden prey... problem stacking!

Moreover, top heavy from ceiling to floor. Threatening to tip over and more. Problems like bills, problems like chores, debt collectors at the door. Piles of problems, galore.

No money to throw at it, no time to devote to it, leaving only a sigh. I wanted to cry for me mommy. Sigh, cry, then die, in that order. As my problems reached the sky.

My doctor hollered loudly, lord, and this is what he said, " You ain't dead or ready for a bed. Problems are for solving, instead". He said my problems were, wouldn't ya know it, ALL INSIDE MY HEAD.

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