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Knowing where the journey ends does not stop us from taking the wrong path


I look to the North -

Red flames pierce the earth, trees, and grass

Smoke fills the air and blackens the sky

Chaos, destruction, and death spread

Nothing remains - Only the question why?

I look to the East -

A thunderous storm of wind, rain, and lightning engulf the land

Plants and trees are ripped from the earth and carried away

Fear, emptiness, and despair fill the void

Remnants of the vibrance that once was turns gray

I look to the South -

Flowers wilt and grass turns brown

The sun still shines and the water still flows

Yet the land is barren and fruitless

Lost and forsaken - Nothing ever grows

I look to the West -

The earth shakes and mountains crumble

Pounding of rocks reverberates on the walls of the splitting ground

Pain and sadness echo in the chasms

Hope is crushed and no longer makes a sound

I look up to the Heavens -

The Sun and Moon ever watch over me

The light brings warmth and guidance, the night brings rest and dreams

The stars bring beauty and inspiring wonder

Outside I smile and sing - Inside my Spirit beams

I look towards Mother Earth -

I bask in Her bountiful beauty and awe in Her limitless power

Her roots plunge deep, and trees grow tall

She offers Her blessings selflessly

Her water flows freely to all

I look to the Spear in my hand -

It is aligned with the Heavens and towards Mother Earth

Side by side, together we stand straight and true

My grip is unwavering as my spear dives deep

Here I am centered - It is here I finally grew

I look inside my Spirit -

Serenity, Humility, and Compassion fill my entire being

The Creator protects me, I feel safety deep inside my gut

My ancestors look upon me with great pride and reverence

I will not be moved from my connection - I will not move

No Matter What.

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