“Word Salad”

                   “Word Salad” abuse stories

erinmatthewsCommunity member
Autoplay OFF  •  7 months ago
A poem I composed based off of the last conversation I had with a Sociopathic ex-boyfriend...

“Word Salad”

Do you really think that I used you? Trust me; in time, you will see. You’ve hurt every guy that adored you, Now you’re blaming your issues on me?

The truth is - you’re not a good person, You’re bitter, detached, and so cold. Things would be fine, had you simply believed, In every blatant lie that I told.

I prepared you for all of life’s evil, You’ll thank me one day, I’m quite sure. You don’t deserve love; you are nothing, But a back-stabbing tease and a whore.

Run away, little girl - Be dismissive! You have things too good - It’s unfair! You’re crazy and toxic; I’m lucky you left....

.....But I do miss the smell of your hair....

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