You Created Danger
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erinkephartFudge Popsicles and Puppies
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This for me is why love is dangerous

You Created Danger

by erinkephart

This is dangerous, I know

The way your hand moves up the curves of my side The way you press your lips against my forehead, nose, and neck

Your hands trace me in a way I start to know my own body again

Your gentle grip on my face when you lean in for a kiss Shows me there can still be meaning behind all of this

Just the way you look at me makes me feel like I'm worth something, And nothing can get more dangerous Than that.

I am enough when I'm with you And I'm starting to feel Like that when I'm alone

Nothing in this world has prepared me for this danger.

This danger is a love of myself that somehow came from a love of another

This is dangerous, I know

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
9 months agoReply
You must have written this on a Samsung Note 7. Because it was blazing hot. Your sultriness came through, around, and about your words. I loved this smoking hot dangerous poem. Great job!!!