Willow and Rose
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Friendship, love, whatever; we all will go through someone pulling us away from one another.

Willow and Rose

by erinkephart

After the ivy was pulled away, And removed from the garden,

We began to grow Into what we needed to be

We began growing tall and strong

Growing very close

But you were a willow, And I was a rose

We stuck together through The wind and rain

Through the warm and cold

Very different but still Very same

See we grew roots, Strong and steady roots.

But they still doubted us With every approching storm.

And see they only doubted us, Becasue the ivy took away Our time to get sunlight.

You willow,

Kept me grounded Under your protection.

Me, Rose,

Kept those doubtful at bay

It took us years to grow together And grow apart to learn

Growing together is what is Destin.

For our roots are too far grounded and Intertwined

For us to be uprooted and distant,

Ever again.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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This is the last thing I am reading before retiring for the evening. You wrote a wonderful story. The wording and the metaphorical refereces to nature were ingenious. I lved it Great nstory!!!!