Things I Wish I knew as a high school freshman

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Life goes by so fast

Things I Wish I knew as a high school freshman

by erinkephart

What I wish I knew about senior year: Every worksheet, homework and test actually matters.

Everything that is graded affects Your gpa.

If you don't study for your sat or act you won't get your highest score.

Your grades do define you.

Advanced placement classes can determine the different between you and another applicant. Advanced placement classes are hard, but are doable.

If you aren't involved in other things than school, you aren't as appealing as someone who is.

You'll visit colleges and you'll like every one because it's not home.

Your mom will cry every time she thinks about you leaving.

Your friends will not always be happy with your acceptance letter.

You'll eventually realize that everything you know now, will be be completely different the same time next year.

Most importantly I wish I knew that high school won't last forever, and college comes too fast. If you aren't Living in the moment yet, start now.

I Wish I knew that my freshman year of high school. I Wish I would have realized these things 3 years ago.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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This was a great essay. You are correct. I loved this sage advice. Greatn post!!!!!!

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great advice!!