Keep moving forward please.
Keep moving forward please.  stories
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Keep morning forward and your hopes and dreams will stay with you.

Keep moving forward please.

by erinkephart

Growing one and another and so on were the leaves creating a canopy above me. Green and greener they grew as I talked to their maker.

“Oh what a wonderful thing to produce such striking structures” I said. “Yes, that is what they are now.” Replied the grand green leaf maker.

“Now? Why just now?” “You will see as time goes on.”

A leaf fell creating an inability to speak another word to the tree. I looked up at its marvels and they had begun to fade.

Yellow brown red orange. No more of green could I see. As they fell around me that canopy did as they; slowly fade.

“But they were just green a moment ago?” “And that is what it seems.” “I don’t get it?”

What purpose does it serve to get rid of them so quickly? They remained falling as the sky became bare. No green, no more colors. Gone.

“They come and they go, with a schedule” Said the tree. “But you are bare, why would you create them to get rid of them so fast.”

“It isn’t me that gets rid of them.” “It isn’t?”

“What must grow here must die here too for I am stuck and I cannot move to somewhere to keep them alive.”

“They die because your here?”

“They grow and die because I am here. Stay here and you will learn that. You will grow and create things, but those things won’t be useful all of the time. They will grow but they will die."

I explained how that would never happen, and the tree became silent. Silent and bare, I walked away like just that of the tree.

I walked away with a still green leaf in my hand and my heart in the other.

I never stayed after that day. And still to this day, that leaf has never turned grey.

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