liking someone I don't like..
liking someone I don't like.. stories

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I don't like you..

liking someone I don't like..

You hate me

Spit at me when I walk past the school halls

Laugh at me when I fall

Call me insults, draw on my locker

Blow cig smoke at me when I pass by

Beat me in all my tests

Basically making me feel

Like it's hell on Earth

But strangely

I don't seem to mind anymore

When you talk to the girl across the room

I feel a twinge in my stomach

When you tried out for the swim team

I couldn't even approach the pool

When you trip me up at lunchtime

I look at how nice your shoes are today

All sharp and polished

When the sunlight hits your hair just right

I can't help noticing how it looks

Bringing out all the gorgeous colors

When you laugh scornfully at me

It sounds

so beautiful

Even though I hate you


I c

I ca

I can

I can't

I can

Liking you

Even when I'm not supposed to

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