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erik_luo To see the beauty of our existence
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Healing Is like the wind in a storm



Is like the wind in a storm

It can lift you off your feet

And makes you feel deep horror

In that dream we always had

Of what everything could be

Is like the view after the storm

Like the water dropping into the sea

The nature of our pain

Was once wounded by others

For love or fear

We built up shields to endure

But if you look closely

And listen carefully

You will see

The deep love and care

that keeps us in pain

This illusion of separation

Is there to make us believe

In the lack of love

So that we can realize it

with greater beauty

To see something's value

You have to first lose it

To feel the great beauty

You must first endure its ugliness

The pain that we experience

Is like the light in darkness

It reveals deep truths about reality

Of how and why we exist

To become that being in the end

Where you are pure and loving

Where you accept all of existence

And sit in bliss in silence

Being aware of heaven in a breath

Being in awe with the miracle of light

You and I sit in this empty void

Together, healed, loved, eternally blissful

As one

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