It is always fun to signup for and try out new things.
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ericfriedmanCommunity member
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Kicking the tires and submitting actionable feedback

It is always fun to signup for and try out new things.

Always remember that there are humans on the other side of the app, software, thing you are using.

Feedback is critical - especially at the early stages

Why are things the way they are? It is easy to be critical, but chances are the person or team behind the choice spent a lot more time thinking about things than you did so think before you ask

Reproducible bugs only!

Something broken! Great - tell someone The most important thing you can do is include steps that show reproducible bugs

Help spread the word!

Did you like what you used? The team/person probably spent time adding in ways to spread the word so consider being someone that helps by telling a friend (best!) or spreading the word online.

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I feel like the voice in my head screams about all of these things so much! When people report a bug and @rch and I have no clue what the context is. Thanks again for all the amazing suggestions Eric!