Super Team 66: Part Two
Super Team 66: Part Two superhero stories

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Part Two: The Golden Eagle Team Member: Trojan I landed with a THUD on the rails of the dark and dreary subway tunnels. My decent from through the sidewalk grates hadn't been graceful. Then again, nothing about me is graceful.

Super Team 66: Part Two

Part Two: The Golden Eagle Team Member: Trojan

I landed with a THUD on the rails of the dark and dreary subway tunnels. My decent from through the sidewalk grates hadn't been graceful. Then again, nothing about me is graceful.

Plus, in my defense, I'm pretty sure one isn't supposed to enter the subway tunnels from those.

I lay on my back. The dull pain from all of the deadly injuries I had sustained in the last fifteen minutes alone throbbed across my stiff and inflexible body.

You would think I'd be used to this by now, a man in his late fifties who's been using his power of invulnerability for the past thirty five years in dangerous lines of work.

In a way, I was used to it. The pain wouldn't stop me moving forward anymore. It's just a constant distraction. However, the pain never goes away.

Partly because falling to your death is way more traumatic than bullets, bullets are less than bee stings to my skin.

But also, ever since my power manifested I have felt like a normal person who is trapped inside an invincible suit that is extremely hard to move.

It has always felt alien to me, like it isn't part of me. I often find myself wondering if other supers feel this way. But it would be too much to ask. My da...

My niece Thia would tell me to go see a shrink. Ha! If talking solved all of your problems, blabber mouths like Pandora wouldn't be as crazy as they are.

A sudden tremor through the earth jerked me back to my senses. It was really easy to loose myself in thought in these near pitch black tunnels.

At first my paranoia screamed *It's an earthquake! Tunnel collapse won't kill you, you'll be buried alive!* But common sense was a second behind to clarify that it was probably the subway.

Why was my common sense always a second behind? Why couldn't he be the first responder? I shook my head. Those were thoughts and questions to ask Thia.

She was good with those types of questions.

I hugged the wall of the tunnel and waited for the subway to pass; but as the lights grew a thought popped into my head.

*Where is the mastermind?* The tunnels under Millward were vast and twisting, and maybe he was on a subway car and not actually walking the tunnels like me.

Then a crazy thought came to my mind. *What if the villain is on THIS subway car?* I waited the second or two it usually took for common sense to arrive like it had before.

The lights grew brighter and I knew I had to think faster.

*No.* I immediately thought back to myself. That was way too coincidental. Why would he be on THIS car? The lights crew brighter.

*Pandora.* My brain continued to argue with itself, common sense still nowhere to be seen. This thought did have a point. Pandora's coat had given me the means to get into the tunnels.

My brain immediately heard his voice in my head.

"It gives you what you NEED right now, not what you want." His deep spooky voice even sillier sounding in my head.

"Hey Pandora, what's the chance that your coat would perfectly time me to get on the villain's subway car?" I spoke into my Super Team con unit, just now remembering that I had it.

The speaker hissed and popped in my ear. Something was interfering with it. "Damn."

The lights were near blinding and the ground was shaking. I was almost out of time to make a decision.

Logic said that it was extremely improbable that he was on this car, best to let it pass and begin an investigation. But, then I thought about how I made it this far, teamwork.

Pandora's crazy magic coat gave me the tool and Titan helped me piece together my theory. I let my theoretical Pandora voice speak in my head again.

"The coat has a way of knowing," His voice mysteriously rumbled as the train was now upon me, only seconds left to make a choice. "It has never let me down. It will give you what you need."

Wind buffeted my face and violently whipped my messy black hair. The subway was whipping by.

I had only been with this team for a few months, and I had my hang ups about my teammates personalities, but I thought of Thia's face.

I thought of Silas, and how much I trusted him and the whole precinct. I thought of my late wife, and how all that trust left with her passing.

*Thia may have silly ideas from time to time.* I thought to myself, the end of the train approaching, *but she's right. It's time to trust again.*

I reached towards the tons of speeding steel. It was time to board a moving subway train. This was gonna hurt.

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