Super Team 66: Part 4
Super Team 66: Part 4 superhero stories

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Part Four: Burning Up Team Member: Icarus I kick ass. I can kick a LOT of ass. Krav maga, Aikido, Muay Thai; I know grapples, counters pressure points.

Super Team 66: Part 4

Part Four: Burning Up Team Member: Icarus

I kick ass. I can kick a LOT of ass. Krav maga, Aikido, Muay Thai; I know grapples, counters pressure points.

I know the exact science of taking a punch and I can drop people three times my size in less than 20 seconds.

So, what good does all of that do me when I'm put up against a fifteen story apartment building that is erupting in flames?!?

Ok fine, you're right, I do have a power. I can fly, and I did. I flew right into that burning building.

And, besides the pain and discomfort from being in a burning building, all I could ask myself was *Ok... Now what?*

"Super Team here!" I shouted, "Reveal your location to me so we can initiate your rescue!

" I've found that sounding robotic and commanding in tense situations gets people to instinctively respond.

I heard some shouting above me and moved to discover them. I dove back out the window. As I kicked my flight on, the heat from the fire made me rocket upward much faster than I was hoping.

I cursed under my breath and awkwardly fought my own power to get back down to the floor I heard the screaming from.

I awkwardly landed on the window sill of about the tenth floor. "Back away from the window!" I barked.

I couldn't see inside the dark and smoke-filled room, I just had to hope they had listened to me.

I elbowed the window carefully, making sure I didn't fall from my precarious stance on the window sill.

It took a couple strikes, i don't have Titan's brute strength or Torjan's luck. The glass shattered and I was in.

Smoke exploded outward and a lot hit my lungs, I was coughing so much, things were getting blurry.

I scanned the room and found the people. There were about twelve of them huddled together and all laying on the ground away from the smoke. At least there are some smart people.

I finished scanning the room and found what I needed, the room number, 1072.

The people looked at me, hope beaming from their eyes brighter than any fire. Normally that would make me happy, normally this would be my favorite part of a mission.

They looked up and saw a small but strong woman; the black and white leotard of a hero, with majestic wings on the back. They would know that Icarus was here to save them.

God DAMN what I had to do next. Anger tensed up my whole body, but I shook it out, I was running out of time.

I looked into their hopeful eyes. "I'm from Super Team 66." I said, "I needed to scout your location, your rescue will arrive soon."

With that I flew back out the window of the building. I could hear crying and terror behind me. As I made my way back to the ground, tears flew from my eyes. If I were them, I would hate me.

Just like how I had to distance myself from the building to descend, avoiding the updraft of the building fire, I couldn't carry those people down to safety. I'm a super, I can fly, sure.

But, that flight has a downside. I become effectively weightless. The wind buffets me around and more importantly, I can NOT carry things, let alone entire people.

I landed, there was a Fire Team down on the ground. Trojan was with them.

"What do we got, kid?" Trojan said. He knew how I felt about being called that, but something in him couldn't help calling me kid instead of my professional name, Icarus.

I knew that petty things like needed to be put aside for now.

"Room 1072. 12 people." I replied as clearly and concisely as I could. Victory was still not a sure thing and I needed to make sure to be as quick and clear as possible for the fire team.

"That's all I could scout, but the flames are too high now, I can't fly near the building anymore."

"Move out!

" Trojan accented, and the Fire Team started sprinting toward the building, their bright yellow enviro-suits CLACK-ing against the ground,

sounding like a strange army of plastic robots storming the building.

Some of the shame I felt for being out of the fight must have come through when i last spoke, because Trojan gave me worried look.

"You guys go ahead, I'll catch up!" he yelled and circled back to me. "Kid," I shot him a dirty look, "Sorry. Icarus, what's eating you?"

A twinge of annoyance rippled through me. "What's Eating me, Trojan, is you hanging back. They could really use your power there. I don't have a power to offer anymore.

We all need some luck on our side right now."

Something about that made Trojan flinch and then think about his next words. He wasn't usually this taken aback when I called him on his laziness.

"I know we're on a deadline," he started, sounding like my father. "But you can't just bench yourself, kid."

"My power benched me!" I spat back.

"Hey," It was his turn to sound authoritative. It almost sounded like he was imitating me. If the situation wasn't so tense I would probably be flattered.

"You aren't just your power! You hear me?"

Now it was my turn to flinch. This power was all that I was, but just like me it was flawed.

Trojan continued. "You're power is part of you, it isn't just a tool on your belt.

" There was something to his words, I wanted to listen but my current stressed state was having trouble taking his words in.

"Yeah I'm lucky, but I don't take my luck and put it away. I act with it, I combine it with every action I do and who I am.

I use my detective experience to put myself in danger, I put myself between civilians and danger, knowing my power has my back, and then I'll have theirs.

I run at villains head on, because I know that my power makes it that punching me is better than anyone else. My power is my shield, my armor, AND my sword.

Live with it, it's ups and downs, it's pros and cons. Don't just quit when it's suddenly inconvenient. You're better than that." He said.

I looked at him. I was in the mood to argue, but I had nothing to say. He just gave me a smile and ran off into a burning building to save a couple handfuls of people.

I sat on the street alone, and people needed me. Trojan said that I could find a way to help, but it felt like I was just useless, like I was before I got my power...

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