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We start living our lives tought that we need to achieve certain goals.

Growing blinded, thinking that peoples expectations are what define our success.

Grades, standards, roles. The big assumptions people make off small details.

I believe this holds people back from truly finding their identity.

I hate how the education system uses fear as motivation for school.

Compare fear and desire, that's measuring the impact of a firecracker and a nuclear explosion.

You see, this whole time our hearts scream in desire.

And yet we still ignore it.

I tell you, this is the reason we have fear controlling us.

It's the fear of not fitting in,

The anxiety of living in the future

While you subconsciously are still in the past.

Let go and see what happens, please just take a leap of faith.

Because if you are stuck in the 2 sided nightmare of past and future, you will never know what direction to take.

Once you are awake from this nightmare, you'll truly find happiness.

Not from the world, but within yourself.

And follow yourself, not fear. This is when you know that you found yourself here and now. In the moment.

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