Individuality vs Balance
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Individuality vs Balance

One of the most hardest things to do is to be yourself.

Because it goes against your training, education and expectations. Even faith.

When I try to be me, I get backlash when I try to run away from the norms of life,

Pressure causing me to explode and shatter my emotions like glass.


I ask, how you do you follow your heart when it's in a million pieces?

It hurt to go back and pick up every piece of yourself from the past.

Later it's a battle of person against person.

We don't understand each other and the pressures both sides experience.

It's these pressures and how we interact with them that limit compromise and flexibility.

We only decide to see one side of the perspective.

Giving another a label by being judgmental, ego holding us back.

Bringing someone down to uplift yourself. Is that really balance?

Open your mind. Understand the motives of their action.

No fight was won with hate.

Find a middle ground, while finding respect for each other.

Love is understanding, respect. It comes from the heart.

Hate is ignorance. Close minded judgment. Hate is taught.

Teach love.

Fight with love, always. But first find it in yourself.

What is truly amazing is how you can still be you, and find balance within.

That is powerful.

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