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A story by me


Ever since I awoken from the lie I was living

I've been contemplating, observing the same things over and over.

They could be the same things, but each time I looked the experience was different.

I am growing my deep roots of understanding

as the knowledge of what I understand opposes the knowledge I learned.

The process of a moment becoming a memory is beautiful.

long and painful, but expanding.

Sometimes I don't value what I have in the moment

and later on I regret that.

I ask myself; why am I blinded? Why can't I feel anything?

The philosophy of life took me places. Not places in the world, but places inside. So much questions, felt like I ran miles away from my feelings.

Maybe I should let go of the intensity?, the weight I put on myself, I question.

I did. I set myself free, I stopped feeling worthless because once I stopped living up to what the world wanted I found myself.

And I found my worth. My passion.

That freedom is, not feeling ashamed of what you feel, rather embracing it until it fades.

Freedom is; not the absence of commitment, rather being committed to yourself and only yourself.

Freedom is accepting the things you can't change.

Like negativity. It will always be there.

You can learn how to not let it swallow you.

When you feel like there is no happiness, know it always comes from inside.

Do not chase for the frequencies around you, rather search for them inside yourself. Follow your true desires, and beliefs.

Positive people still have negative thoughts, they just refuse to let negativity weigh them down.

Have insight, know who the hell you are. No matter what, go forward.

Do not latch on to something that is already long gone. Realize that you are trapping yourself.

Be free and formless. You don't belong anywhere or to anyone but to yourself. And that is your power.

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