Nightwing’s Big Change Part 1 Please enjoy 😊 Switching POV'S
Nightwing’s Big Change Part 1

Please enjoy 😊 

Switching POV'S nightwing stories

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Nightwing discovers something that shakes his whole entire life forever. How will he cope with this change?

Nightwing’s Big Change Part 1 Please enjoy 😊 Switching POV'S

Dick's POV What a great day to ride my motorcycle around Bludhaven. Wonder what Jack is doing, maybe we should get the group together and go to the lake

So I jumped out of bed and headed down the stairs where Jason was standing in the living room. “What are you doing here,” I said. “You weren’t answering so Bruce sent me to get you,” He said. I immediately checked my phone, that was sitting on the counter. Oops 10 missed calls from Jason and Bruce

"Whats so important that you came all the way to Bludhaven," I asked. "Some girl showed up at the manor looking for you by the way I don't think I've ever been to your loft it looks nice," He said. "Wait go back some girl is looking for me," I said.

"Oh yeah some girl named Lexi, she didn't say who she is. She said she couldn't tell us who she is, she only can tell you," he said. "Wait, why," I said. Who would be looking for me. "I don't know but Bruce needs you back now," he said. Well looks like I have a change of plans.

Jason and I arrived back at the manor just in time for breakfast, Alfred makes the best Eggs, Pancakes, Bacon and Biscuits. "Bruce where's Lexi," I said.

“Good Your here, she’s in the study and she asked to talk with you alone,” Bruce said. “Ok,” I said. I walked into the study where Bruce said she was, when I walked in she immediately jumped up.

“Hi there, Lexi is it,” I said. “Yes it is and you must be Dick Grayson. I saw a few pictures from mom,” Lexi said. “Mom?” I said.

“Yeah she said you are a hero and that you saved her more times then she can count,” Lexi said with a sad expression. “You seem sad what happened to her?” I said.

“Well there was an accident somebody broke into the house and they took her. That’s why I’m here, I need your help,” She said. After about a minute of me thinking Jason walked in. "You said accident, What do you mean by that?" I asked. "I forgot to look the door so the alarm was never turned on to warn us," She said, a little nervously.

“Hey Dick, can we talk,” Jason said. Wonder what he wants. “Ok” I said. “Be right back Lexi” I said. Jason and I walked out into the hallway where Bruce was standing with a paper in his hand. "What's this about?" I said. Bruce looked at me and gave me a don't freak out look.

"Dick this is the report I have on Lexi," Bruce said. "Ok," I said in a little bit of a confused tone. "Before I hand it to you let me explain," Bruce said. "When she arrived I thought it was weird so I grabbed a little bit of DNA to test it, It pulled up a file on a girl named Lexi..." Bruce said pausing before finishing.

Bruce sighed and then finished "Lexi Gordon but her official last name is Grayson. Her mother put Gordon on everything except the birth certificate. The birth certificate say's Grayson," Bruce said. It feels like my whole entire world just exploded, Why didn't Babs tell me? I can't believe the girl in there is my daughter.

"Dick," Jason said. I just looked at him with a blank face. Bruce's POV After I told him he seemed empty, like he just doesn't know what to do/think. "Dick," Jason said. But Dick just looked at him, didn't say a word.

"I don't know how to react," Dick said. I guess it kinda makes sense he just found out he as a 14 year old daughter. "Dick you need to go in there and talk to her, figure out everything relevant," I said. "How about we all go in there and find out the whole truth," I said, but I don't expect him to agree, she did say she's only talking to him.

Dick's POV I really don't know what to say should I agree with Bruce are go at this alone. He technically is her grandfather so he should know everything I know and it would be easier if he heard it with me instead of me repeating it over again. "Ok," I said. By his expression he didn't expect me to agree.

We all walked into the room, she was sitting on the couch conversing with Ale, which I didn't expect to see when we walked back in. "Back," I said. She immediately turned her head to face Jason Bruce and I. "So I have a background check here it says your last name is Grayson, is this true?" I said.

"Yes, My mom is Barbra Gordon when you two were together one night she accidentally got pregnant," Lexi said. But how we used protection every time. Why did she show up now? "Remember how I said my mom was taken during an break in well that was recently and my aunt told me to find Bruce so I can then find you," She said.

"Ok but why didn't she just tell you my address she had to of known where I live Barbra knew I moved," I said. "She said people are always watching and that you were in danger so just in case somebody was listening she told me to come here," she said. Ok well that makes sense, but I'm still confused on why somebody is going after me.

"Who's after me?" I asked. "My aunt only said one name Wales," she said. Wales, Who is Wales? I don't know that name. "So if this person is after Dick then we need to take precautions cause if they were listening they will be coming," Bruce said. He's right I need to be careful.

"Alright, is there anything else?" I asked. "Oh yeah I have a sister she's younger by a day," She blurted out. "Wait what,"Jason said. Well thats a twist I didn't expect I have two daughters. Just great where's the other one? What's her name? "Where is she?" I said.

"Mom filled a missing person's report she went missing last week I was sick from school she was walking home alone that day," she said. So I have one daughter here and the other is missing, nice addition to my other problems. "Dick first we need to locate the other girl. What's her name? I can check and files and possibly locate her," Bruce said.

"Kaitlyn," she said. At least that's something to go off. "I'll go search for any info on Kaitlyn. Dick you stay with the girl," Bruce said. I gave Bruce a why would you do this to me face. After I gave him that face he and Jason left the room. "So, odd question but I need to know, Why didn't Babs tell me about you and Kaitlyn?" I asked.

"Mom said it was to protect us she says you have to many enemies and it's dangerous," she said. She is right I probably would have pushed them away and out of my life thinking I was protecting them, but look now somebody went after them because of me Babs should have told me maybe I could have protected them. I feel really guilty even though I didn't even know they existed.

"It's not your fault, you didn't even know we existed," she said. "When's you and your sisters birthday?" I asked. "Mine is August 1st and Kaitlyn's is August 2nd," she answered. Damn 14 years ago me and Babs were together all the way up till the beginning of July, I should have noticed. What's wrong with me?

I was trained by the best detective in the world and I missed that. "Hey dad...I can call you that right? It just seems like the right thing to do," she said. "It's Fine," I said. "Ok anyway please don't blame yourself," she said. 'To late little one' I thought.

For the next 2 hours we got to know each other, Like now I know all her interests and hobbies, like I now know she studied many martial arts, and how she loves basketball an gaming, she even told me a little about her younger sister Kaitlyn how she loves writing, makeup and wasn't to into martial arts but she was super into gadgets and technology. I'm happy to know more about them.

"That's amazing so how good are you at martial arts?" I asked. she looked at me and smiled. "Fourth degree Black belt," she answered. "Impressive a little bit more and your on my level," I said. She smiled. After I said that my phone went off with an unknown number.

Phone Conversation "Hello?" I said. "Hi Dick Grayson," he said. "Who is this?" I said. "Oh we'll get to that but first enjoying meeting your daughter for the first time," He said. Suddenly I feel so angry, I've never felt this way before.

I asked Alfred to take Lexi to Bruce so she can sit with him for a minute. "What do you want?" I asked. "Oh nothing just finishing what I started years ago with your grandparents and aunt," He said. "But then I was arrested before I can finish too bad I can't get your parents. Oh yeah sorry for your loss," He said. Clearly sarcatically

Sarcastic at the end. "Well I have to go just wanted you to talk to someone," He said. "Dick keep her safe," I heard somebody say in the background I think it's Babs. "I'm gonna make sure your in prison for life," I said and with that it hung up.

I will post a part two soon but for right now hope you guys enjoyed part one. If you want to see more before I post part two Follow me on Facebook Erica Whitman the picture is a wolf and join my facebook group Wattpad creators for more info. If you can't find the group message me for an invite. Bye have a great Day/Night

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