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erenahthe consolation of verbosity
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Adventures in the friendzone.

turn of the world

by erenah

we revolve

around each other


which is interesting, and complicated, because we've never been

*good* friends - in the sense of treating each other

with that level of honourable decency - and certainly because of everything

I've never let you kiss me like a lover,

though your mouth has hovered

over the column of my throat,

and when you kiss the crown of my head,

I feel you breathe in the scent of my hair

like smoke

but love is more than superficial intimacy;

not every part of me is cute, pretty,

or evocative of sympathy

and having been through four years of your girlfriends

I'm aware of how untrustworthy you've been

to those you were supposed to cherish - which is really the crux of it all -

if I can't trust you to catch me,

how can you expect me to fall?

so we remain locked in this strange dance

which over the years, still has no end,

for my part, at least, I mean it like a prayer,

every time I tell someone else that we're just friends

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