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erenah the consolation of verbosity
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Retelling fairy tales because allegories

the aethereality

by erenah

in this version, the witch who is a mother

leaves the tower

and doesn't return for the girl

she had coveted so jealously once upon a time

so Rapunzel remains high above the earth -

ignorant of the earth, as she is ignorant of her self

she had only ever been the witch's daughter

does not know who she is without her, does not know

how to leave the tower, nor

how to let any would-be saviour in

to save her:

such had been her mother's sorcery

even forsaken, words murmured over a lifetime

still hold her in thrall - and in the end

she comes free of the enchantment

only when she falls

it is bitter, the earth bitter

this education she had not meant

to receive at all - still, she learns

it, the earth's ways, and how the witch

who had been a kind of mother

would never have stayed - and only then

does she realise the implications of her liberty:

the power of her own wit and beauty;

the resilience of her freed spirit

understanding now that her adventures had only begun

when she made that jump from the turret

so are the bittersweet ironies that befall

all those who walk the many paths to enlightenment

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