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erenah the consolation of verbosity
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There's a knack to it.

long to be

by erenah

stop to smell the roses; they will bring you back


to yourself; this delicate shell of tissue and memory

you have come so close to losing

in the days before you learnt that choosing survival

was only the turning of the tide and not the endurance you need to keep

if you actually want a recovery

look back on where you've been - not in grief,

but to marvel afresh at how far you've moved on

from those places where you were kept

captive to your suffering

now so long gone that the sting of the memories

has eased to the point where you have become able, hesitantly,

to tell the story of it - pain transforming

into strength and a clarity

which has meant that finally

you understand that belonging is something you choose

for yourself

like living

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