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erenahthe consolation of verbosity
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an allegory

filial mythologies

by erenah

in this version, Demeter is the one enthralled by him

her daughter the one abandoned among the flowers

she is nine years old, and has exhausted the unconditional quantity of Mother's love

so begins the wandering:

Persephone moves, from house to house, searching for her mother through the cities of the dead

occasionally there is contact when the Mother

discarded by Death remembers the girl she left in the meadow so long ago

but when he returns for her light again She forgets

the daughter searching for her, forgets

herself so the winter continues

and Persephone learns to live in a world without flowers

or mothers

buries deep such summer kernels as are left to her;

ceases the endless searching

sixteen - her Mother half a life lost to her

this is when Demeter summons her back

the maternal instinct long vanished and Hades gone now, too

having fed her the poppy seeds which will mean

she will never be able to return to who she was before him

seeking not a daughter but a handmaiden

finding a girl who has learnt to live through winter

and envying her for it, where once she was indifferent,

where she should, supposedly, love

this is when Persephone truly loses her

the one she sang in praise of through all the days of summer the Mother as idol - as totem

from whose body she first grew and for whom

she searched, so long in the wilderness

her mother no longer exists

though immortal Demeter may demand obeisance

Persephone, obliged to grow around the abyss of it

resists the pull of her mother's will to preserve the summer inside her

the first fissure of heartbreak which informs

but does not define her

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