Standing on the Edge (vision.2)
Standing on the Edge (vision.2) episode stories

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life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all - Helen Keller
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Standing on the Edge (vision.2)

by episodeleena

People says god tests his favourite beings but the night that changed.. got me thinking If I did something wrong and karma is hitting me really hard...

Chapter one:

Its true trust my words.......... "Money can't buy happiness"-Me This is Nylah Sid, a rich spoiled daughter of Sid Lightwood who own a brand and Riya Lightwoods a famous fashion designer.. Yes

18 June 2015, the worst day of my freaking life! A night before my wedding with my crush, boyfriend and my husband. why do I say husband when he ran away with some h*e... my sister dreaming to be

To be my bride maid, he ruined her dreams . he left me! He betrayed. I told my parents not go and find because he will only marry love of his life but they follow the worst path they died*sniffs

My dad died that night in that car accident and my mum lost her memories. that other day my wedding day was his funeral...My sister faced depression and she ending at being mad house.We lost all.

And just like that not a family or anything Just lost everything! I was alone, all money was payed for mom and sister! I had to sell our bunglow and move on

I could do only one thing was to work in a bakery............

thanks for reading will keep updating :)

Chapter 2:Emotions

So I started a new job... It was midnight and I was working late just to get extra salary and pay rent of my apartment. Next fact will leave you shooked... At 1:00 am two people entered Crystal's bakery.. I got scared..

I took a deep breath and questioned "Sir, how can I help you?" Unknown: Don't get me wrong but my dad was depressed and he love bakery so I bought him here.. David:Don't get me wrong, your sweet name? Me: Nylah, Sir! David:Meet me at the Diston hotel at sharp 10...

I kept and silent and David left the bakery taking special cupcakes of our bakery. I knew David he owned a fashion line. His son said something, I didn't pay attention I interupted and said Nylah: Sorry sir, Could you repeat? He laughed on me and replied.. Charlie:Call me Charlie and don't miss the golden chance you will miss a great oppertunity, Mi senora. I was confused but I knew he was hispanic.

He smiled and left.. But me all the time *Confused* if it was dream? I took my coat, close the bakery and went home.

Way to home, A stranger who looked mysterious gave me a letter, I couldn't do anything I took it! He told me "Stay Alarmed"! I got scared thinking if he was one of prappazi. And I ran home because I didn't wanted any drama or someone interfere in my personal life

On my way home .. Something hit on my head and I fainted.. Vision was blur, I couldn't move I was helpless on the ground..........

Thanks for reading chapter 2 hope you are enjoying follow me on my social medias swipe for chapter 3

Chapter 3: Fate

I found myself in dark.. I scream for help and some one replied voice: I need your money, money that your father left for you! Me: Are you crazy? he died in a accident ! *SILENCE*

I can listen him! Holy gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I could listen my husband talking with some one I was shocked and excited but was he the one who was gonna marry me for money or he was kidnapped like I am at the time? and the kidnapper wants our money?

Thanks for reading chapter 3 swipe for chapter4 Chapter 4:explainations

I found my self in a cozy bed, I felt so relaxed but then I noticed it wasn't my room. I standed up and suddenly some one knocked! Unknown: Miss? May I come in? Nylah: Who are you? Unknown: Its me, Jane! Nylah: Come in. As she enters she bring a tray with breakfast.

Nylah: Who are you? Jane: Miss, I work here as a maiden. Please after breakfast, go to the down way hall at lunch time. I nodded my head with a question mark on my face, It just felt like a dream. I felt like I was a queen or maybe president's wife.

I changed and rushed to the down way hall, I could listen a familiar voice. I met Jane at the door. She passed a beautiful smile and told me that " Miss you are the luckiest one on the planet." I was awkward and went in without looking anywhere.

Unknown: Take a seat, my lady. As said, I did. Unknown: I need to explain.. I looked up and with unexplained question, I wanted answer from ....

Thanks for reading chapter 4 Will be updated follow @leena.writes for updates

Chapter 4: Answers

He:My intentions there weren't to hurt anyone.. look. Just look into my eyes,Nylah. Nylah: What even? Jacob my life isn't a drama! You? You are just insare you just stealed every moment and happiness from me. I cried Nylah:Where am I? jacob: Our house Nylah!

I went to the bathroom and cried. How can someone control my life. What will I do. I locked my self *knocks* Jacob: Nylah, I ain't playing with your whole damn life! If I meant to hurt you. I did it to save you! Nylah: Get lost Mr.Jacob! Move on, You regret your life!

I ran from there and walked as fast I could at the diston hotel as Dave offered: As I went the security wouldn't let me in Nylah: I have to go I have a huge interview! Security: I am sorry but Jacob Jackson is here.

Thanks for reading Update on Thursday<3

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