A Golden Chance!
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What happens when you go to Canada for a job but when you meet Shawn Mendes. Your life changes:

By: Mileena Mendes

A Golden Chance!

by Mileena Mendes

Last summer, I graduated from college and it was time to find myself a job. Everyone probably going to beach, resort or Miami. And I ? forced to fit somewhere. I don't wanted to fit myself in a burger costume and invite people to eat burger from "Fat burger".

So I decided to shift to a beautiful city where Sun never sets:- "Toronto, Canada." City of dreams.

My eyes were lighten up, With headphones on my head listening to "Treat you bettter". Closing my eyes and imagining. A bulb lightened, I decided not to miss a chance meeting my Idol and celebrity crush "Shawn Mendes". I open up my money wallet and there was no enough money.

Other Day, They were in search of a guitarest I auditioned for it.....

I hoped that I would be choosen But hopeless at the same time As time passed, someone walked on the stage and it was freaking SHAWN MENDES!

I wanted to run and hug him! I wanted to........ Shawn: Thanks all of you for coming to audition, You all were amazing but we are only going to choose one. I sat backstage because I don't wanted anyone to be nervous

He looked at me and smiled. And I took a deep breath Shawn: And the lucky guitarest is...

Thanks for reading Chapter two will be out soon Go follow @leena.writes for updates Mileena Mendes xx

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