Our Journey - Chap 8
Our Journey - Chap 8 dnf stories

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Our Journey - Chap 8

Chapter 8: Cuddles

//George's POV

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Again, credits to Kireina(my friend) for helping and doing the cuddle scene <3

(Ooh yuh cooking)

Bad was gone when I got back, he left a note saying he was hanging out with Zak for a couple of hours.

I go to the kitchen and get out supplies to make dinner. I might as well leave him a meal to eat when he gets back, right?

I get out the pasta, marinara sauce, ground beef, garlic bread, and garlic.

I put water in the pot, let it boil, then put the pasta in.

While the pasta cooks, I start cooking the sauce.

I start stirring the sauce when Dream hugs me from behind.

I jump. "You scared me, idiot."

He giggles. "Hii."

I smile. "Hello."

He turns me around then pulls me closer. I laugh. "Can I have a kiss?" He asks.

"Hmm," I hum, pretending to think. He leans in, but I stop him with a finger. "Not yet, pretty boy," I say, turning back around to stir the pasta and the sauce. "I have to cook."

"Boo," He pouts, hugging me from behind again.

I drain the water out of the pasta, then mix it in with the sauce.

//Bad's POV

-time skip-

I walk in the door to find the TV on. George must be home, then. I walk to the kitchen only to find a plate of steaming hot pasta and dirty dishes.

I call out for George, but I only hear crickets. I decided to go into his room. I slowly open the door and I see the most beautiful scene.

I stand in George's bedroom, my jaw on the floor as I look at George's bed.

I see that he has fallen asleep on top of Dream.

Before I wake them up I take a quick picture so I can show Zak and the others. After a quick moment of seeing them again I yell; "Hey lovebirds I think it's time for you to wake up!"

//George's POV

I open my eyes to see bad standing there, screaming. I wake up in an instant all flustered and still on top of Dream. I quickly roll off Dream and the bed. I get up quickly and face Bad.

He is wearing a grin and I tell him; "What's with the look on your face?"

He just says nothing and leaves the room. After Bad closes the door, I turn to see Dream and if he woke up when I rolled off him.

Surprisingly he's still asleep, so I go to the door and lock it since Bad is home. Then I go back into bed and return to my position before Bad entered.

Except when I do, Dream wakes up and looks at me with yellow eyes. "Hello, my Prince," he says in a deep morning voice.

This took me by surprise. "You're awake," I say, smiling.

He pulls me back down to him. "Let's go back to sleep," He mumbles.

I chuckle. "I can't, I have to work," I say, checking my notifications.

He hums in disagreement, pulls me closer, then wraps me in a hug.

I smile. "Dream, I have to work."

"No." He says. "Sleep, I'll help you tomorrow."

I sigh and give in. "Fine..."

He chuckles. "I knew I'd get my way."


We stay in that position for another hour until I fall back asleep.


A/N: Sorry for the short chapter :( I'm kind of running out of ideas-

I wanted to put some angst because what kind of fanfiction doesn't have angst? Chap 9 will be uploaded:D

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