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Updated about meee

Name: Jerzi


Nickname: (nothing as of rn)

Pronouns: She/her

Age: 15

Status: Taken

Kids: 3

State of mind: Hysterical


Singer(girls): Megan, Doja cat, Saweetie, Latto, Rhapsody, City Girls

Singer(boys): Kodak Black, Biggie, Tupac, J. cole

Songs: Handstand - Doja Cat, Saweetie, French Montana

Strub Tha Ground - Quavo, Yung miami (mostly yung miami's part)

Shows: Cruel summer, Good trouble, The bachelor, 90 day fiance, Friends

Bobo fett, The mando, Abbott Elementary

Movies: Star Wars (The last jedi the most), The greatest showman, Bohemian Rhapsody

Movie quotes: Star wars, The Last Jedi - "I want every gun we have, to fire on that man."

The greatest showman - "CHARGEEEEEEEEEE!!"

Show quotes: Spongebob - "Air is not good patrick, Air is not goood."

Abbott Elementary - "i'm too expensive"

Awards: Grammy's, MTV's, Brit, Oscars, AMA

Food type: Mexican

Catchphrase: Lets roll sugar

Color: Neon blue

Books: One of us is lying, On the come up, One of us is next, The host

Online store: Shein

Animal: Ferrets

Season: Summer

Dislikes: Spiders (bugs), People who foil my evil plans, awkwardness,

staring, deceptions and lies,

feeling trapped, or not being able to help a friend

My exes thinking its okay to talk to me whenever they want

Nah ho, you only get 1 monday every 2 years

Hobbies: Annoying my brother preston, drawing, singing off-key (on purpose),


talking to friends, screaming while getting chased

Weird things i do: Cry when i see baby yoda (dont judge, he is so cute. omfgg)

I'll just like tear up, and get so sad

i also side eye people obnoxiously, wear my socks halfway,

close my curtains at night as fast as possible, then lay on the ground for 2 minutes

(i have a fear of ppl shooting me through my window)


And when i get to excited abt sm i'll punch the air repeatedly

Fears: War, dying, losing someone

Greatest thing ive ever done: Cracked the case of who stole my candy

Scariest thing ive ever done: Jumped off a roof (there was sm under me)

Funniest things ive ever done: acted like i ki**ed someone in public.

Ill have to do a storytime about that~

Threw a book at my old school screaming "eat this chumps"

Beat a pillow in the middle of the street with my brother

Worst thing ive ever done: Raided rite-aid (the alarms went off, but no one came-)

Something ill keep doing for life: Acting suspicious, even when i have nothing to hide

Biggest secret:

Pfffft, yall must think im

f u c k e d

if im telling a living soul my secret

Anything else: I do a great impressions of the proud family, and Ava off Abbott elementary


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