Winner Announcement: Septolet Contest

         Winner Announcement: 
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The wait is finally over, the result is HERE! 😍

Winner Announcement: Septolet Contest

Hey Commaful, First of all, let me thank the other 2 juries who agreed to contribute in this contest!😁

RJ @jinxedquill

RJ @jinxedquill &

RJ @jinxedquill & Steve @stevewaldrop

Thank you so much!

I'd like to thank everyone who participated in this contest as well. The juries have been working hard as all participants are so amazing! 🤩

So yes here comes the result, finally! 🥳 Let's start with the runner-ups, we have 5 runner-ups! The result will be announced in...

Ladies and gentlemen!!!

The 3rd Runner-ups are...

@mysterygirl160 with the story "Books & Pen" AND @dreamerthinker with the story "night"

Congrats both! Here are the Certificate of Achievements!

The 2nd Runner-up is...

@antisclxtrovert with the story "Child"

Congratulation! Here is your Certificate of Achievement!

The 1st Runner-ups are...

@fathomless with the story "Perfect imperfections." AND @mv733 with the story "Cravings"

Congrats both! Here are the Certificate of Achievements!

Now, the most important award is coming! I AM GONNA ANNOUNCE THE WINNER!!!


@thislittlelight with the story "After a weary journey..."

Here's your Winner Certificate! 🥳

As promise, the Winner gets a chance to do collaboration with me, of their own theme and choice. ❤ I will shout out the winner's story only after the winner comments on this post! The reason is I don't want to spoil the surprise LOL. 🤣🤣🤣

I asked all participants to vote their most 3 favorite Septolets, Although I didn't get vote from all participants, I collected scores only from the ones who casted their vote! Andddddddddd we have the Popular Vote winner! 😍

The Popular Vote Winner is...

@themiddlechild with the story "unforgotten"

Here is your Popular Vote Certificate!

The link to stories of the winner, the runner-ups and the popular vote winner can be found in comment section. All participants will also get certificate of participation & our juries will get certificate of gratitude. ❤😊 (I will send link to download in DM)

I hope everyone will keep writing! Practice makes perfect after all. Thank you so much everyone for your participation and interest in this contest! I hope I have motivated you guys one way or another. 😁 Julia R. 27 September 2020

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