Professor In Love (Chapter 2) What's your name??
Professor In Love (Chapter 2)

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Will Abhi be able to meet Avni?? What will happen next?? Stay tuned for Chapter 3.

Professor In Love (Chapter 2) What's your name??

On the result day of the exams, Abhi and his friends together were checking their results online. Abhi entered his roll number and he was happy to know that he has passed the examination successful. But he was not much excited.

But then he suddenly remembered about Avni and told his firends to enter her roll number and check. To his astonishment, Avni failed her examinations. Abhi became disappointed.

Friends - "Oh shit, she has failed. What will you do now?" Abhi - "I don't know really. But, by the way.....What's her name?" Friends - "Her name is.......mmmmm........"Avni" Abhi - "Avni....ahhh......beautiful name though"

Suddenly, among all of them, one guy was shocked to hear her name (let's assume his name as Rahul for convinience) and quickly stood up and responded:- Rahul - "Avni.....I know her......She lives beside my aunt's house.....My aunt and their family are quiet good neighbours.....Sometimes she comes to me for taking help in her studies...."

Everyone - "WHAT?" Rahul - "Yes that's true....I know her very well" After hearing all this....Abhi got a brilliant idea to meet Avni. Abhi - "Listen Rahul....Its my humble request to you...Please introduce me to Avni.....Its really very urgent and you are the one who can help me"

Rahul - "No way....Do you think I'm a matchmaker or what?? Its impossible" Abhi - "Please its very urgent...You just do the introduction.....Then I'll do anything for you....I swear" And this nagging went on for quiet a long time. But at last, after so many requests, Rahul replied.

Rahul - "Do whatever you want...I don't care.....But she will not get impressed by you" Abhi - "You don't worry about that...I'll handle" Rahul - "OK then....lets visit her day after tomorrow" Abhi (Giving Rahul a flying kiss) - "Thank you so much" Rahul (In disgust)- "Go now"

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