I'm Sorry 😔
                    I'm Sorry 😔 sad stories

enchanted_soul Just a little bit imperfect 😉
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I'm a bit disappointed and disheartened...but never mind 😔

I'm Sorry 😔

Sorry guys I'm thinking to end my story series here without completing because I'm not getting much reach and I don't get much response.....................Either Good OR Bad.

Some are not liking it, some just don't want to react or respond to it and they just only read and go. They don't understand that if they give some suggestions, it will help me do my work with more care. This is necessary for a small writer like me. I don't want to take individual names and criticize or insult them. So those who are will understand.

Anyways, thanks to those who responded and advised me which helped me a lot....but unfortunately.....the response was very less. So I'm stopping this series abruptly and I'm sorry.

Ok fine......I'll just complete this series and I'll post no further story series

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