Sweet things you say to me pt 2
Sweet things you say to me pt 2 love- stories

emycah12 Community member
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I cant wait for you to come home.

Sweet things you say to me pt 2

"yeah, fuck people. Except you."

"losing you would kill me."

"My friends like you. If they didnt they wouldnt be my friends."

"I've been thinking about you more than usual lately. I miss being able to talk to you every morning."

"I had a dream about you the other night. It was very peaceful. Can we live somewhere thats sweater weather all year?"

I listen to your playlist everyday. Its actually my favorite part of the day."

"I really appreciate everything about you. Thank you so much for always being you."

"You're my favorite person in the whole world. I'm so proud of who you are."

"I don't want you to be anything but yourself. If you arent feeling upbeat, i dont want you to pretend to be. Ive seen you in just about every mood you have, and i love all of it."

"You know there are 21 letters in the alphabet? I had to set aside a few cause U R A Q T. Also, you have a nice butt"

"What i want is exactly who you are."

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