The Closure I had Forgotten I Needed.
The Closure I had Forgotten I Needed. tofu stories
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emokitty_artist ~You came to my side and saved me~
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if you read this you know who you are. I know who you are. Don't worry. I'll keep your hideous truths between us.

The Closure I had Forgotten I Needed.

I was scrolling through commaful...

I saw your new account a few months ago... it made me think of you but I figured it was just another anime boy. They're... rare here right? That didn't bother me either.

Hell, for the past five months I thought you were DEAD

I read one of your stories today. The name seamed familiar, so... I looked back at the account you had so long ago. When you actually gave a fuck about me... or at least you pretended too.

So, turns out, you're still here.

Now you've got another new account

You're falling in love with someone new

I should have figured you would just forget me... everyone does... I know you wont read this message, which is why I'm saying it here... thanks again for nothing...

at least now I have closure... in a way.

Thank you for the most miserable month of my life.

I hope you find happiness. I truly do.

And I hope you learn, what loyalty is.

Because like it or not. I was loyal. I deserved more than you gave me. And now, I have it.


So you

So you can

So you can kiss

So you can kiss my

So you can kiss my beautiful future.

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