Someone, please help me...
Someone, please help me... finding peace stories

emokitty_artist The loneliest nights I think of you...
Autoplay OFF   •   10 months ago
I'm not sure how much of a cry for help you need. I'm so dramatic haha, everything hurts and I just want to bleed...

Someone, please help me...

I'm sorry you had to meet me

And I'm sorry that you thought you felt something for me

I'm sure you now realize

I'm as unlovable as the hate in your eyes

I'm sorry I'm too fat

I'm sorry I'm too skinny

I'm sorry I'm not enough you made that clear when you threw me aside and spat

I'm sorry I wasted your time and your words

I'm sorry I'm not perfect

Nobody can fix me, everybody tries

All I see are tears, tattered hearts, and lies

I'm sorry I'm not worth it

I'm sorry I'm not perfect

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