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emokitty_artist Some things are better off dead.
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In this world filled with people who hide behind a facade of white teeth and broken hearts, What have we to continue for?


In this world filled with people who hide behind a facade of white teeth and broken hearts

What have we to continue for?

In an existence where every being has secrets that they dare not diverge to the world, for fear of judgment

Where one being's joy

Brings another to tears

Centuries of evolution and yet still so primitive...

How have we grown as beings?

The words our lips form are seemingly more complex, and yet still have the same meaning as such primordial grunts and groans

What good are the whispers and boisterous words that leave our twisted grins if not to comfort the yearning souls that this world has to bear?

We build thousands, millions, billions of structures and yet they have the same applicability as a cave.

What good are the roofs above our heads if not to shelter those who seek a home, seek comfort, warmth, love.


Slowly the minds and thoughts of each generation decline to a primitive state of desire, of narcissistic deliberation.

When your merciless struggle reaches its end what do you leave behind?

The thin, green slices of uprooted great oaks,

upon which we have spilt our ink which ultimately possesses the value of dirt without the deranged economy and society of which our species has built among this beautiful world,

darkening the soil on which we step.

What have we learned...? How to place blocks in a symmetric shape in order to build towers, that when all is said and done; become ruble, liter among the earth.

We can dissect the human mind into separate corners of emotions, we can tell you how another will run and walk, how each synapse fires in the brain

and yet

we cannot manage to dissect the method of the simplistic word

one of the most important concepts...


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