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Y/N pov: also y/n’s 18 I still lived with my parents, and I had a job but there was no work today. Isat up in my bed feeling the same emptiness I had felt my entire life, like as if I was doing something wrong or that i seeked more to life but what was it? Love maybe, or maybe

the little voice in me telling me to destroy and kill that i always had to ignore. There was one time when I couldn't control it and I killed a person… I still haven't caught it so 5 years ago. My mother and father fear me so I stay away from them because sometimes I scare myself, because that yearn to kill and destroy can get to be too

much especially with dark entities as your quirk.. I wish I had somewhere where I belonged and fit in, and be accepted as me. ‘No one would notice if i left no one, maybe i should’ Y/n thought I stood up and went to change into going out close and snuck out my bedroom window. The big silver moon shined in its elinimisent light.

(Shigaraki pov: he is 21) Y/N was a girl with a very destructive quirk, like mine, and I had been thinking of taking her to the hideout for awhile, but the time was never right, but tonight I saw her leave her bedroom from her window and then she just started walking. ‘This late at night?’ i thought.

I stalk behind, so she can’t see me (ok side note i needed he to have a way to touch y/n so i came up with the idea that he has a pair of gloves the allows him to touch stuff without destroying it and he is wearing them now)

She was beautiful in the moonlight I with I could walk with her. Then I realized it’s time so I walked up to her and used my chloroform cloth to knock her out and I took her to the hideout, she was finally mine with that thought I smiled.

(more will come) -3M0_9A$TA

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