Raising the dead
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"And what did you do?"
"Raise the dead."
Prompt is from Pinterest, I hope you enjoy my short story.

Raising the dead

Jared had always been a little crazy so asking "What did you do?" could have ended in many different ways.

He looked at the ground, "Rose, I raised the dead."

I laughed a little bit, "Your kidding right?" After noticing he still looked serious I stopped, "Oh, this is bad."

His baby blue eyes stared at me while his brown hair flowed in the wind outside of my house. "What do we do?"

"We?! I didn't do anything. I am not in this." Jared flinched a little as I yelled this.

"Please R, I need your help. No one can help me figure this out like you." My best friend pleaded with me, my heart broke for him but how did he even do this. Is it even possible to bring back the dead?

"How did this happen, who were you trying to bring back?" I asked.

He looked down. "Joey," He paused after mentioning his twin brother who passed away just a year before, "I saw this thing online, It was kind of a potion.

I thought it was some joke but I wanted to know if it worked. Please help me." He dropped his head again and my arms flew out to hug him, his arms instantly wrapping around me in a familiar hug.

"I just wanted to see him again, one more time."

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