Spilt milk
Spilt milk love stories

emmy_nem I am the sorrow of the earth
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Spilt milk is worth the tears if there is nothing left to give...

Spilt milk

They say there is no use crying over S P I L T M I L K That it is a waste of effort and T E A R S

But I am as fragile as expensive french S I L K… Why shant I cry if I've already wasted my WORDS, LOVE, and F E A R S ?

The milk has been tipped O V E R It is spilling all over the F L O O R

I have no tears left to wipe A W A Y I can’t heal from this, I am S U R E

So I sob as I mop up the mess you have M A D E Soon it will all be in the P A S T

My final tear falls, because I’m still A F R A I D That this mess isn’t the L A S T . . .

Hey y'all... I miss talking to you! I've been a mess with emotions!! REACH OUT!!!

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