Marry Me, Juliet
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emmy_nem I am the sorrow of the earth
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Taylor Swift is a whole mood. Folklore is a life style at this point.

Marry Me, Juliet

If I could go back in time to that night we first met,

I'd try and change our ending.

So we could both forget

and stop pretending.

You were dressed to the dime,

I could've sworn you were a prince.

It took hardly any time.

I have loved you ever since.

You took me into your arms

we danced as if we were alone.

With you, I was safe from life's harms.

as if our love story was well-known.

But who knows of a Romeo and Juliet?

No novelist would tell a story like thee.

Who could've predicted the caskets

in which we would be?

I still marvel over your actions when I was found.

And when I awoke I was horrified.

I took my own life with no hesitation or sound.

That night, two lovers died.

I wish you had come only a moment later

and found me as I opened my eyes.

The irony of our time was the creator

of Romeo and my own demise.

In those moments I could have experienced what I've been longing,

Words that come quite the contrary to be.

of the words said on that day we had been prolonging.

you saying, "Juliet, will you marry me?"

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