Life as an Idiot
Life as an Idiot diumb stories

emmy_nem I am the sorrow of the earth
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
I am a stupid stupid person... thank you thank you, I'll be here all week

Life as an Idiot

Being an idiot is harder than it looks... It isn't something I've learned from the books... It requires practice and poise, and I am most foolish when it comes to boys.

I may need some glasses because I keep misreading signs... I doubt there are scholars who have such foolish minds... I need to pull in and stop sharing my heart... No wonder I am always breaking apart.

I am at the top of my class I never fail to make myself look like an ass... Twice in a row, a spare of heartbreak... I will fall apart soon, but how long will it take?

I think I need to be suspended, All my stupid actions, I have never pretended. I am constantly and consistently letting myself down... Buy me tickets to the circus, for I A M A C L O W N

The life of an Idiot isn't one what I have chosen, But it's the life I now lead and I must be less spoken.

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