Blame It On The Money
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emmiaskyojex a friend that cares
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A poem on how money has thwarted humanity in the world.

Blame It On The Money

Look at our daughters

They now show no ill in laying with men old as their fathers

Look at our sons

Nothing is holding them back from scamming the green people with their bad brain and laptops

Look at our mothers, fathers, the young men and alike; women,

They now have no time for their own children,

Everyone is too busy searching for just one thing,

And that is known as MONEY!

Why will a lady lay with a dog?

Or why’ll she prefer to be known in the environ as a hog?

Is it not just for one thing?

They choose to sell their body?

Why will a schooler choose to become a drop-out with no good passion?

But he’s trying to boycott hardships and hardwork

He’ll just join the bad gang

And will receive money off stealing from the innocent man

He’ll swerve off money from the fleeceable parents

And to all their good, he’ll put an end

He’s not retarded

He just wants the wealth; in anyway it comes and at whatsoever cost, he cares less!

Blame it on the money,

What is ours is now owning us,

And we still show no remorse,

As even today, some of your sons and daughters are still singing this MONEY SONG!

©Emmiasky Ojex

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