What Love Is Not by Emme Symone
What Love Is Not

by Emme Symone #love stories

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About being young, vulnerable, and foolish.

What Love Is Not by Emme Symone

Mulberry Lane , where I met my first love

Though his love was not so...I sought him to the ending earth.

His scent rang bright in the heart of my wishing, to be in his arms would fulfill my sole mission.

I was a prancing doe, caught in the summer falls; I met the pain of the roaming deceiver, an unexpected call.

His teeth in my flesh a new sensation; my carcass decayed under the sweeping willows of a single nation.

To seek and find is to not be found. Sound was he...weak was I

He belonged to another, which smothered the truth of me, Binding is the blinding ignorance of throbbing attraction.

Our parting kiss was the last of reality, I learned to see what love is not.

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