Reflections by Emme Symone

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Who is it that you see in the mirror?

Reflections by Emme Symone

A share of me hopes to believe the thoughts I think are true.

That I am the girl in the mirror,

Rich and supple of luring supply.

But I know that mirrors lie,

They reflect our heart’s desires.

A reflection of what we wish to see,

Never the truth of which we flee.

Reverie remains a drug of choice,

To amuse my abounding fictions,

That I am that girl, fictitious,

An event of wishful thinking.

And so if this is truth?

Will I wallow in my sinking?

Because I know she shan’t exist?

The girl I must instead resist in search of things internal.

Where skins do die and rot till dust,

The spirit remains robust.

When fed with cordial suns of much,

A harvest shall rise up wild.

And some will only know of dust and barren crops, defiled.

and why I must persist to beat my faulty seeing eyes...

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