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emmeliarocheste"I will be strong when love is gone."
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I wrote this for a friend that was contemplating suicide.

A girl

by emmeliarocheste

A girl t'was full of beauty

Her eyes alight like stars A girl who had a duty T'was no diff'rent than ours

A girl who had a soul

A spirit to be broken Who's life's only goal Was merely a token

A girl t'was not diff'rent

Than either you or me Merely just spearmint In a forest of dark green

A girl who's now lost

Her stars have all gone Heart cov'red by frost Her soul soars alone

A girl who is 'absurd'

Laugh at the unique Break the wings of a bird And then call it a freak

A girl who had a purpose

Who had a heart and soul Stole away from the universe Which now contains a hole

For that very special girl

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