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emmaranes Community member
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A poem I wrote about losing yourself in the midst of pain and struggle.


I just want this pain to change To go away So I try to make myself numb Taking little jabs at a huge monster All the things I try to do are dumb

This lump in my throat is made of fire I no longer feel such great desire To cease the day sounds painful

And I know I shouldn’t do these things But whatever brings Temporary joy

I can reason with it cuz my minds a mess & I can’t even remember the last time I got dressed

This bed of mine is drenched in tears Stuck in this bed of mine life isn’t so clear

I hear them cheering, “you can do this” But right now I need their presence

In a time like now, words don’t come close Yes, in a time like now, I need love the most

Who am I? Who is she? Who’s that pitiful girl looking back in the mirror at me?

Just last month she was all smiles Now I can feel all the miles Between us

Who am I? Who is she? This cannot be...

I have become the pitiful girl looking back through the mirror at me

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