Tumblr Love: Second Part.
Tumblr Love: Second Part. blood stories
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emmahernndez I love kind people. INFP.
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Tumblr Love: Second Part.

by emmahernndez

The story didn't culminated very well.

Everyone demanded proof. Pictures. Them together.

He used to replied that she didn't accept anything, although his post revolutionated Tumblr.

But none of this was true.

Behind this story there is a hidden and twisted secret.

Lies. Blood. Tears. Smiles. Knives.


Stop it.

Is she okay?

Why did she lie?

The secrets always come out.

Help her. She needs help. Help her. She needs attention. Notice her. Do something for her.

You're lost.

You're lost.

She smiles, she talks, she smiles again.

You can't be saved. She trapped you.

You're nothing but a chess pawn now. You're nothing but part of her game now.

A game in which you can't win because you lost in the moment she smiled.

And she never smiles.

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