This is not the end.

emmahernndezI love kind people. INFP.
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This is not the end.

by emmahernndez

Our hearts are squeezing

without an answer of what's happening next.

What's happening next is probably not convenient

But the racist man just wants us to give up.

To fade.

To assume and accept our "written" destiny.

Well, I say you need to stand up and show who you are.

Your truly self have been stolen by them. The society, the politics, the people, the religion.

You need to fight.

Have a mind battle in which he doesn't win because if he wins, that means you're not truly fighting for it.

You're not truly fighting for it

because if you're reading this and you understand what I'm talking about

You can beat that ass a hundred times. You have a strong mind. You have everything you need to stand up and be the first one to shout


You know how to shout No.

You just can't remember because your parents taught you to say Yes all the time but

Close your eyes and look for your No.

Close your eyes and make the difference.

Close your eyes and be, accept and love the rebelion.

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9 months agoReply
Some say your destiny is written in the stars but we can all make our own destiny we are all humans and as humans we all have a free will nice post

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
9 months agoReply
My crusty old revolutionary soul just received a glimpse of heaven. A generation who wants to fight rather than buy a Rolex with a color coordinated Mont Blanc pen. I love it. Your essay is on the level of Thomas Paine. The hope you inspire is greater than anything I can say because you are here and now. Great post!!!!!!!