They say everything's temporary.
They say everything's temporary. fakeness stories

emmahernndezI love kind people. INFP.
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They say everything's temporary.

by emmahernndez

I'm an idealist who would've never agree with that before.


I did.

Recently, I was losing my hope in the world and giving up to the idea of love existing.

But someone came to me in time.

The person that's the least romantic one in the world told me: ''That's not true'' And I said: ''What do you mean? It is.'' ''Not everything is temporary.'' ''What's not?'' I asked.

''Love for something or someone who really deserves it.''

''Love vanishes​'' I said, being totally numb.

''If you love art, if you love music, if you love your dog or cat, if you love your mum, if you love nature, if you love a friend, if you love something, you'll never stop loving it''

She paused and then said:

''If you really really really love something, I mean. Because sometimes love is a very confusing word.''

I was impacted by her words because

She usually insults me calling me ''Gay'' ''Stupid'' or ''Pussy'' because I believe in real love. Because I'm idealistic when it comes to it. But at the moment, I wasn't being it

So I admitted:

I know, I'm just... I'm being hopeless. I'm tired of the superficial love and people's shitty judgment about everything. I've been seeing a lot of that lately and I'm really exhausted, you know?

''Then don't be mad at love'' she said.

''Be mad at your shitty social circle. Please don't change because of a lot of fucking idiots. You are really fine with your ideals of loving... and gayness, and those pussy things.''

''Rarely, those are the things that I most love about you.''

I kept silence and then cried. My best friend. The girl who apparently always cared more about sex than love just said that to me.

She assured me that it was okay to be a hopeless romantic.

Told me it was not my fault that people didn't appreciate what love really is. So it's not my fault either if I feel sad when I contemplate fakeness.

Love's not just feeling your heartbeat rising for someone. Love's in everywhere, inside of everyone. And if there's a reason of why we're always having so many wars is...

Because we're fighting the battles with the wrong weapon.

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