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Love expectations.

by emmahernndez

Why should exist such a thing as "Why"?

That condition all of us. It means that when a person seek for an answer and I give it to them,

they will think that the next person with whom I will fall with will have the exact characteristics.


The only requirement I have to love a person is that they must fascinate me.

However, pouring that out, why —anyhow— would I copy what didn't befell?

Why would I repeat the same pattern bound to fail?

I will not say that I fell for him because he made me laughed; that condition me to look forward to a person who make me laugh to fall in love with.

I will not say I fell for him because I liked his short hair because then I will stop looking for long-haired people.

I will not say it was because of his stupid skin color because who says I cannot fall for someone of any race?

I will not mention his country because my expectations will be stuck there when there is so many countries and, in them, so many people in which one of them could be my authentic soulmate.

So, if you have already come to this part, I know you got my point and I will tell you just one more thing:

No. Do not condition yourself to love anyone. Do not condition yourself to love.

because when you do, you create expectations and when you create expectations you are just heading to one imminent direction: deception.

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