Being loved as a depressed person.
Being loved as a depressed person.  parenthood stories

emmahernndezI love kind people. INFP.
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Some personal feelings.

Being loved as a depressed person.

by emmahernndez

Have you ever felt replaceable?

Have you ever wonder how important you actually are

for the people around you?

Have you thought of how many of them would cry at your funeral if you ever die?

Have you felt so insecure about how much people love you

or just thought that they don't actually do?

I have.

I have and that's the worst thing I've ever felt in my life.

Because when you do feel something like that, you constantly push everyone away, even when they don't deserve it.

Even when they haven't actually given you a reason to doubt about their love.

And when you try to find an answer to your behavior...

you just don't find one.

The only thing that appears in your mind is how much some people hurt you once.

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