The World of Emberbors - Intro
The World of Emberbors - Intro emotional stories

emilytwrites The world of Emberbors
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Have you heard the story of a girl who met an Emberbor and survived?
Some says she become one of them, others saying she rules them now.
But they are all just speaking the word of wind.

The real story can only be heard from me. Why?
Because it's me. I am that girl who fought an Emberbor and survived.

By: Emily Thorn

The World of Emberbors - Intro

by Emily Thorn

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. Even for me.

The rays of the sun were piercing through the forest like those sharp thoughts getting through my mind.

I'm not sure how I got there but what I know is, that my life never been the same ever since.

Three years ago I met, Them.

A nameless, faceless creature that eats emotions. They feed off of love, desperations, happiness, sadness, you name it...

Having no physical body just using a host, a human corps who's body was emptied out before. A walking manifestations of being "lost".

Since humans are emotional beings, they live happily among us. Hidden in every corner of the universe looking for a new body.

Looking to feed their hunger... Favourite of theirs's being depression. They love the taste of it.

Those having no will to live are the easiest ones to feast off from. I heard stories where some was searching for them. To give themselves to the creature. To have them end it all.

Let someone else do the dirty job. All returned with no success.

There was a time when i was trying to find them too. Obviously couldn't

Some story said, it is them who needs to find you, and they will come. They are always come. The smell of their favourite emotion always leads them to those who have it.

Legend says they can smell it from the other end of the world.

I always new I was different. Felt it in my core. Something was always off with me.

Never fitting in, always being the one left out, chosen last, never invited, made fun of, picked on...

So I learned to live alone. To be around myself and be happy with it.

I convinced myself it's better like this. No one can hurt me if I withdraw myself on my own will. To protect myself.

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