Padarias Chapter One

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How do we know if they come in peace?

Padarias Chapter One


How do we know if they come in peace?

How do we know that the old myths and legends aren't true?

Are we really the ones who get to decide the fate of our planet?

If a few strangers who barely knew each other met, who would lead? The strongest? The smartest? The bravest? The most reckless?

How can we tell friend from foe if we live solitary lives, surrounded only by grim faced relatives and stone walls?

The answers:

We can't.

We don't.

We never will be.

None they learn to work together.

We never can.

There is only so much that we, the Padarias, can take before the four of us break. Fighting the Shade of Mortohl is nothing to do alone, or in a small group. We need an army.

An army willing to watch each others' backs, to trust each other, and work together. In this way, success is inevitable.

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Artemis Falcon; Logan Darcy; Caspian Hurt; Tiana Falcon

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