The Prince's Royal Guard II
The Prince's Royal Guard II gay stories

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Clay graduates and becomes the prince's royal guard he is nerve the prince is cute and pretty. Even though he is a guard and hardly knows him he can't help go but fall for the loveable prince! This is a somewhat backstory ish thing for prince of the past!

The Prince's Royal Guard II

*If you like the Prince of the Past this Silk give you a somewhat idea of what Ethan's life was like in the next part, anyway this is about Ethan's guard so yeah I hope you like it**

Me and Nick raced all the way to my home. My mom was making my favorite meal for my birthday beef soup with extra potato. We ate it up happily

"Tomorrow you guys graduate. Crazy!"

"Yeah it is!" Nick said stuffing his face

"Well boys it is getting late why not you two eat the cake then hope into bed you gotta be rested."

**The next day**

My family is also invited so we all wear our nicest clothing to the graduation. I walk into the throne room. The king is sitting talking to the queen and the Prince is reading book.

Trumpets. It was begging. First Ryan Applebee got knighted then so on until it got to me.

"Clay Baker. You have shown courageous deeds and perseverance you our now knighted" Here it came. My role, I am so nervous "As the prince's new royal guard" m

Everyone clapped. I looked at the Prince he waved at me.

Me the prince's guard I knew I was good but... This, this is crazy! My heart starts beating like crazy and I don't even realize I'm looking into his eyes. He as the most beautiful eyes ever.

One is a deep chocolate brown and the other is a shining sky blue on a warm summer's day. He has weird eyes but beautiful ones.

I blushed when I realized I was starring. He smiles. Oh god that is a beautiful smile.

wait liking a boy isn't right (This is way back, ok times change love is love am I right?) but I can't seem to help myself. I mean love is love. (see. Lol)

Then the party commences.

**Sorry this is short anyway I hope you enjoyed!**

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