The Prince of the Past ||part 2||
The Prince of the Past ||part 2|| fantasy stories

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This is part to of Prince f the past. Finally the two arrived at Noah's house and make a shocking discovery but Noah does not want it to be true

The Prince of the Past ||part 2||

**If you have not read the first part then please check it out, or this might seem weird. Thanks!**

I walked to my house with him. He seemed nice enough, A little snobbish but that is okay, his looks make up for it.

"Okay, this is my house!" I opened the door for him

"Wow it is.. Different from where I live."

Well he had a british accent, maybe England had very different homes. How would I know I have never been to England.

"Hey honey! How are you? Oh is this your friend?" My mom said.

"Uh yeah, Ethan. That is his name Ethan." My mom smiles and continues making dinner.

"She seems like a lovely lady. She is your mother, is she not?" He said in a polite manner. I was a little confused why he said everything like that but I shook it off

"Why not we head up to my room?" Ethan smiled and we went up the stairs into my bedroom "Here we are!" Ethan looked around.

"Seems cozy." He sat down on my bed. I started my homework

"What are you doing?" He asked


"Oh... On what exactly?"

"Prince Ethan. Hey that is your name! What do you know?"

"First of all that is my name second of all I know quite a bit."

"Ok do you know anything about the Poppy Kingdo.?" The boy nodded his brunette hair flopping out of the weird crown he wore.

"Do what do you need to know about it?"

"Everything basically?"

"What re you planning to attack them?"

"How could I attack a kingdom that died out hundreds of years ago?"

"Died? Hundreds? W-w-what do you mean by that?" There was a look of worry on his face

"Oh you will see let me get the website up." I pulled up the website Mr. Brown gave us. "See look. It said 'after the prince ran away the kingdom went into a great depression and a drought.

They all died' It is sad but whatever."

"Not whatever? And what do you mean by hundreds of years ago!?" There were tears in his eyes.

"Chill dude. Like it is history. Gone forever. We can actually visit the castle!"

"Without the queen or kings permission" What did he not get.

"They died. Hundreds of years ago, like I said." I rolled my eyes. Maybe he was stupid

"No they didn't die. They were alive yesterday." Ethan said this with a matter of fact tone.

"They survived five hundred years, dang they are old as heck!"

"FIVE HUNDRED!?" His face was shocked. Yup he was surely stupid.

"Duh. Why do you even care?"

"W-well I... Never mind me. What exactly is the date?" He gave a sheepish smile.

"May 30, 2019"

"What... No that cannot be correct. How is this possible?" His face was concerned. "Can you find a painting of the royal family on your glowy box thingy?" I nodded and showed him a painting

"This is the queen. That is the kind and that-" I looked up at him... He looked exactly like the boy in the painting. He even wore practically the same clothes.

"Is me." He finished... But how. No he must have been joking. Maybe he knew they looked the same. Maybe. Maybe. No. It makes sense but it can't be.

I pushed that thought to the back of my head I can go the subject

"Tomorrow isn't A school night wanna sleep over?" Ethan nodded and smiled

"Sure Noah. But ho-"

"Boys time for dinner!" My mom called. Saved by the mom

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